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PlayStation Anthology book review

PlayStation Anthology Book Review – For Those Who Live the PlayStation Lifestyle

The fascinating history of PlayStation, all in one place.

God of War

Kratos, Atreus, and Everything You Need to Know About God of War

All the information you should need.

psvr features

Sony’s Testing New PS VR Livestreaming and Mixed Reality Features

The company disclosed some of its experiments at GDC.

console warranty

FTC Warns Console Manufacturers About Illegal Warranty Restrictions

It looks like Sony and Nintendo have been warned.

Sony Building a New Development Team to Work With a ‘Major Sony Studio,’ Could Be Unannounced Naughty Dog Project

There’s loads of speculation on what they could be working on.

playstation 5

Report: PlayStation 5 Unlikely to Surface Until At Least 2019

How long do you think it will be?

Adam Boyes

Sony E3 2015 Could Have Been Even Better!

Legen–wait for it–dary!

Learn About the God of War Leviathan Axe

Learn All About God of War’s Leviathan Axe in New Trailer

Kratos has a new toy.

God of War gameplay

Watch Four Minutes of Intense God of War Gameplay

Kratos shows why he’s earned the title God of War.

god of war ps4

‘I’m Behind Schedule Every Single Day,’ God of War Director Talks Development

“I am at my most exhausted right now, but also like weirdly energized.”

mlb the show 18 update 1.05 patch notes

MLB The Show 18 Update 1.05 Released, View Patch Notes

Online fixes and more.

detroit become human voice actors

Sony Releases Three Interviews With the Detroit: Become Human Cast

See what it takes to be a robot!

mlb the show 18 review

MLB The Show 18 Review – Perfect Progression (PS4)

Take me out to the ball game.

New God of War Trailer Goes In-Depth on Kratos Motion Capture

New God of War Trailer Goes In-Depth on Kratos Motion Capture

Learn to fight like Kratos.

god of war no season pass

God of War Director Talks Single-Player Games, ‘I Hope We Never Lose That’

He wants to deliver whole experiences.

god of war reboot

God of War Reboot Doesn’t Make Sense Says Director, ‘Why Would You Ever Throw That Away?’

“Why would you ever throw that away?”

god of war kratos

God of War Director on Kratos: ‘He is Part Villain, Part Good Guy’

Barlog knows that some fans are scared of the character’s growth.

god of war atreus

God of War Director Talks About the Similarities Between Atreus and Kratos

“[Kratos sees] what ruined his life manifesting in his kid.”

dreams ps4 demo

The Dreams PS4 Demo at GDC Got Some Great Reactions

Players were left impressed.

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.15

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.15 Coming Next Week, New Cars Teased

I won me a trophy.