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DriveClub Multiplayer Changes Add More Events, No PlayStation Plus Edition Release Window Yet

PS+ Edition news still coming “soon.”


Japanese Freedom Wars Update Coming Day One in North America, Adds PvP & More

List of Panopticons revealed.


DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition News Will Come When Evolution Has “Concrete Info”

Evolution knows it can still be difficult to connect online during peak times.


“Majority” of DriveClub Players Should Now be Able to Play & Connect Online, Says Evolution Studios

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition wasn’t mentioned.


DriveClub Diagnostics Will Impact Online Play Over the Next 12 Hours, Face-offs Coming Back “Soon”

They’re hoping to get the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition “out as soon as possible.”


DriveClub Update 1.04 Rolling Out Now, Patch Notes Revealed

Still “no date to share just yet” on the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition.


New DriveClub Update, Server Upgrades Coming Within 24 Hours

There may be some disruptions to online play as they run diagnostics.


DriveClub Server Performance Improves, Allows More People to Play Online

No mention of the PlayStation Plus Edition.


Next DriveClub Server Update Coming Within 24 Hours, Will Allow For More Access to Online Features

More info coming tomorrow.

Driveclub 1

DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation for Players, Still No PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date

“We want to make sure we’re certain we’ve fixed issues before we give a date.”


Evolution: We Ran a DriveClub Beta “And None of These Issues Occurred”

“We had confidence everything was ready.”


DriveClub Update 1.03 Fixes Game Issues, Reduces Server Load

It’s a staggered launch by region.


Standalone White PS4 to Release on October 17, According to Amazon UK

In time for snow in the UK.


Amazon Lists GTA V PS4 Bundle For Europe

Release date listed as November 18.


DriveClub Server Updates This Weekend Will Impact Challenges & Social Update Availability

“This is really the best way for us to improve server performance.”


LittleBigPlanet 3 Suffers a Slight Delay in Europe

North America remains unaffected.


DriveClub Servers Won’t Accept New Players Until a Current One Leaves

More information coming today.

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DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Delayed Due to Server Overload

“We fully appreciate how frustrating this is for everyone.”


LittleBigPlanet 3 Voice Cast Includes Hugh Laurie, Nolan North

It’s a Strong group of actors.


DriveClub Update 1.02 Released, MyDriveClub App Detailed

Hit the road.