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ps3 super slim

PSA: Pre-Owned PS3 Super Slim 500GB Units Going for $90 at GameStop

Need to replace that dying console?


Sony’s Mobile Game Lineup Includes Hot Shots Golf, Arc the Lad & Wild Arms

Sony Japan and ForwardWorks are also partnering with Square Enix and Nippon Ichi.


Research Firm Claims PSVR Now Market Leader in Virtual Reality

Relatively low price point coupled with PS4 install base helped drive sales.

MLB The Show 17 555x328

PSX 2016 – MLB The Show 17 Comes With a Retro Mode

Playable at show floor.


SuperData Slashes PSVR Sales Estimate to 750k Worldwide

Down from the original estimate of 2.6 million units.

DualShock 4 555x328

Latest Model New DualShock 4 Controller Sale Price of $33.99

New pad, anyone?

PlayStation Store 555x328

PSN Rewarding Users With $10 Reportedly for Buying PS4 Pro

Not the first time Sony has done this.


This Day in PlayStation History – Resistance

“We feared the Russians had developed a weapon of unparalleled power – the truth was much worse.”


eBay Reveals Its PS4 Pro Cyber Monday Deal, Offers $100 in Savings

Console and two games.


Crytek: PS4 Pro’s Extra 1GB RAM is Sufficient for Increased Graphics & Pro-Specific Improvements

Tech Director discusses other Pro enhancements as well.


PSA: Best Buy 4K TV and PS4 Pro Bundle is Now Live

$300 saved.


Here’s a List of Games Currently Running Slower on PS4 Pro Than Standard PS4

Performance issues seem to vary between titles and even scenes.

green camo ds4

New Green Camouflage Dualshock 4 Releasing This December

Coming alongside the Silver and Gold controllers.


PlayStation Vue Losing All Viacom-Owned Networks, Including Comedy Central & MTV

They all leave on Friday morning.

Xbox One Scorpio

PS4 Pro Leaks Reportedly Forced Microsoft’s Hand With Project Scorpio Unveiling

Scorpio will purportedly run UWP games at native 4K.


PS4 Pro Info – Everything You Need to Know

It’s the third Sony hardware launch in as many months — but are you ready?


PS4 Pro Specs Compared to Base Model, Game Enhancements Detailed

Hardware upgrade said to be the quietest of all PS4s to date.


This Day in PlayStation History – Ratchet & Clank

It all started with a hapless Lombax named Ratchet…


PSN Toolbar Opens up Access to Friends, Messages via Browser

New PS Plus multiplayer ad features Infinite Warfare.


Sony Financials: PS4 Ships 3.9 Million Units, Bringing Lifetime Total to 47.4 Million

PlayStation VR sales are “on track.”