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Sony Refutes DerpTrolling’s Claims, Confirms PSN Wasn’t Hacked



Evolution on DriveClub Server Issues: Every Available Team Member is Working on Fixing Them

Check out the new DLC cars in action.


Uncharted is “Our #1 First-Party Franchise” & Uncharted 4 Will be the Highlight of 2015, Says PlayStation Australia MD

In 2015, they want to reward PlayStation Plus subscribers and explore all the PS4′s connected features.

Driveclub 1

DriveClub Update 1.07 Out Now, Adds Photo Mode, Free Tracks & More

Support for the free DLC packs next week is added as well.


SCEA Boss on DriveClub: Evolution Tried to do the Greatest Thing Ever in Racing and “Hit a Hiccup”

“You can’t effectively test in your house or in your beta group what it means to have… 200,000 users hit your service.”


SCE America President Explains Why Players Can’t Change PSN Names Yet

It’s down to the risk of abuse.

Driveclub Logo

DriveClub Update on Tuesday Adds Photo Mode, Free DLC Packs Coming to Full Game Owners

Still no release date for the PlayStation Plus Edition.


Bloodborne Release Date Delayed by Over a Month

Exciting Bloodborne news is coming next month.


Sony: Developers Have the Option to Disable PS4 Share Play (Update)

Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend.


Killzone Shadow Fall Expansion Pack, Free Multiplayer Maps Out This Week

Happy Birthday, Killzone!

far cry 4 yak farm

Far Cry 4 Has Gone Gold, Custom Audio Mode for PlayStation Headset Coming Soon

Last-minute pre-order bonuses announced.


PS4 Gets Temporary Price Cut in the UK This Weekend

In time for November releases.


LittleBigPlanet 3 is Fully Backwards Compatible With LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2

Importing is as simple as pushing a button, so long as you use the same PSN account.


Sony Q2 FY2014 Financials: PS4 Sold 3.3 Million Units, Brings Total to 13.5 Million

The PlayStation Vita, PS TV, and PSP couldn’t combine to beat the PS3.


Sony: Resogun PS Vita Version “Is Coming,” More PS4 DLC Teased (Update)

Screenshots appears to reveal Photo Mode.


Report: Uncharted PS4 Collection Accidentally Leaked by Sony

Someone at Sony seems to have bungled up yet again…


DriveClub Server Update Today Optimizes Multiplayer Matchmaking

Significant game update coming this week.


Freedom Wars Launch Trailer, Post-Launch DLC & Patch 1.20 Detailed

The game’s Producer talks about the game and how it becomes more difficult near the end.


“Significant” DriveClub Server Update Improves Online Racing & Leaderboard Updates

They’re aware of the drift score glitch.


Report: PS4 Outsold Xbox One by at Least 40% Worldwide

“Generous” guesses used for the Xbox One.