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sony stock

Sony Stock Reaches Highest Peak in Over a Decade

Ticker tape parade.

PS4 cross play 3

Sony’s Cross-Play Stance Makes No Sense – Why Embracing PS4 Cross-Play Makes Everyone Win

Gamers, developers, and even Sony themselves would see benefits in allowing for cross-play.

The Last of Us Sales

The Last of Us Has Sold Over 17 Million Copies Across PS3 & PS4

Naughty Dog celebrates the milestone on TLoU’s fifth anniversary.

silver sable spider-man

Will Silver Sable Appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man?

Will this Hero for Hire make her PS4 debut this year?

fortnite ps4 cross-play

Sony Issues Statement on Fortnite Controversy Amid Backlash

It doesn’t really address the concerns, however.

Concrete Genie landscape and creature painting

New Gameplay Footage Highlights Concrete Genie’s Beautiful World

The world is your canvas.

Detroit: Become Human to Reverse Poignant Endgame Moment

Does this undercut Detroit’s thought-provoking themes?

new playlink games

Seven New PlayLink Games Announced for 2018

Finally, a good way to play video game UNO.

Next-Gen PlayStation

Report: PS5, Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation, Will Supposedly Launch in 2020

Reports seem to suggest that Sony’s next-gen PlayStation is on the horizon.

PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase

PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase: What Worked, What Didn’t, and Why?

Let’s have a quick talk about the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase.

fortnite ps4 cross-play

Fornite Epic Accounts Linked to PS4 Blocked From Switching Over to Other Consoles

Sony is facing intense criticism.

E3 2018 Sony

E3 2018: Recapping Monday Press Conferences – Sony, Square Enix, & Ubisoft

That’s a wrap

Nioh 2

E3 2018: Team Ninja Reveals Nioh 2

The yokai are back in Nioh 2.

marvels spider-man ps4

E3 2018: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Footage Introduces Villains

Wow, he really does do whatever a spider can.

ghost of tsushima

E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Reveal

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay!

Sony playstation e3 2018 press conference

Watch the Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Press Conference Live Right Here

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for.

E3 2017 Sony

Recapping the E3 2017 Sony Conference

A look into the past

beat saber vr

Rhythm Action Game Beat Saber Confirmed for PS VR

And now we wait for the presser.

ghost giant

Sony Announces Ghost Giant, Coming to PS VR

From the creators of Fe.