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Microsoft Acknowledges PS4, Xbox One Romeo & Juliet Meme With ‘Achievement’

“Love Knows no Console.”


PlayStation Vita: Is It Better to Burn Bright Than to Fade Away?

Ye old faithful.


Sony: PS Vita PlayStation Store Issue After Update 3.57 Is Now Resolved

It wasn’t due to the new firmware.


Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle Launches April 26

North America gets 500GB, Europe gets 1TB.


Gravity Rush Remastered Gets a Launch Trailer, Soundtrack Available on PlayStation Store

Toyama thanks fans for their support.

ps4 vs xbox one

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Rivalry With Sony, Says There’s “No Hatred” Between the Two

What you see online isn’t exactly how the industry operates.


Sony Records “Significant” PlayStation 4 Sales Spike During Christmas Quarter

8.4 million units sold between October and December 2015.


PlayStation Had More Brand Exposure in 2015 Than Xbox According to ICO Partners

The Witcher 3 was the most written about game.


USPTO Agrees With Law Firm’s Case Against Sony’s “Let’s Play” Trademark Application

Makes it almost impossible for Sony to trademark it.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Announced, Merges Sony Computer Entertainment & Sony Network Entertainment

This will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.


DriveClub Getting Hardcore Option Inside February Update, Video Shows It Off

Traction control is turned off.


Hardware: Rivals Update 1.07 Today Adds New Content, February Plans Revealed

Barbarian Tank and Scarab FAV are the two new vehicles.


Sony’s Gio Corsi: We Always Say When Starting a Project, “Are You Open to Doing a Vita Version?”

“That’s usually met with a positive.”


Nintendo NX Will Allegedly Work With PS4 and Smartphones, According to Report

900p, 60 fps and 4K streaming rumors also surface.


Fat Princess Adventures Update 1.02 Tomorrow Adds Free Arena Mode DLC

There will also be paid DLC available.


Hardware: Rivals Update 1.06 Improves Matchmaking, Increases Weapon Power

XP reward for completing training fixed.


One-Day PlayStation Plus Membership Extensions Now Arriving, Check Your Email for the Code

You must have been a member on January 4 to receive the extra day.


Dark Cloud 2 Makes Its Way to PS4 on January 19

It was first rated alongside Twisted Metal: Black and Ape Escape 2.


Sony: PS4 Was #1 in US Console Sales for December 2015 & All of 2015

They were #1 in third-party software sales for all of 2015 as well.

ps4 vs xbox one

Sony’s Marketing Spend on TV Ads Exceeded Microsoft’s in 2015

But Nintendo ran more adverts than the two combined.