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God of War Concept Art

God of War Director Chimes in on Single-Player Debate

How do you feel about single-player games?

God of War Concept Art

Second Episode of God of War Podcast Reveals New Creature

Go in depth with the Draugr

God of War Digital Deluxe

New God of War Upgrade System Detailed

Hanging out with Brokk and Syndri

God of War Digital Deluxe

New God of War Details Concerning Kratos and His Son Emerge

Find out what Atreus will do.

God of War Concept Art

Official God of War Podcast Announced, Will Reveal Backstory for Series

Learn some norse secrets

God of War Concept Art

Sony Releases God of War Concept Art, Director Talks Negative Criticism for the E3 2016 Reveal

“Just a lot of people were very doubtful of what we were going to do.”

God of War PS4

God of War Will Be The “Most Brutal” in the Series, Says Sony

Combat will be 1v1 or 1v2, not 1 versus many.

God of War Digital Deluxe

God of War Digital Deluxe Edition Contents Revealed by Amazon

It costs $70.

Custom God of War DualShock 4 Looks Sculpted From Stone

A stone age DualShock 4.

God of War Director: “I Know I’ve Got a Couple More of These in Me”

He’s already outlined and mapped stories for several games.

Sony Santa Monica Talks About Atreus’ Role in God of War

He can translate runes, solve puzzles, and help in battle.

God of War Dev Explains How Kratos and Atreus Will Deal With Enemies Together

The game will feature dynamic combat.

God of War Wins Best E3 Trailer & Most Anticipated PS4 Game in User-Voted Poll

Skyrim wins Most Anticipated PSVR Game.

View the Concept Art That Inspired God of War’s New Look

This artwork established the tone that Sony Santa Monica has worked hard to match.

PlayStation LifeStyle Best of E3 2017 Awards

Which games do you think won?

God of War Director: There Won’t Be a Situation Where We Cut Away and Show You What Someone Else Is Doing

But you won’t always have control of the camera.

E3 2017 – God of War Preview – More Than Just Vengeance (PS4)

Even Kratos participates in “bring your kid to work” day!

Sony Santa Monica Explains Why Kratos Isn’t Using the Blades of Chaos in God of War PS4

Looks like it won’t be back.

Barlog Talks God of War: “You’re Going to Be Running Into Various Gods Throughout”

After God of War III, Kratos wandered alone.

10 Disappointments From Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference

Not everything was great about the show.