Sony Trademarks PlayStation Arc

Next week, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony plans on educating potential developers during a 60-minute presentation dubbed “introducing the PlayStation 3 motion controller“. Not only are they planning on showing what the upcoming controller can do, it seems Sony is preparing to announce the name of the device as well…

The motion controller,which is set to release this fall, has long been rumored to be named Arc. Various industry execs have seemingly backed up those claims, referring to the controller by that same name during investor conference calls.

Following our discovery of Sony registering the domain comes news of a trademark filing for the name, PlayStation Arc. Surprise, surprise. Sony has just filed the trademark in Japan, most likely in preparation for the official announcement of the name PlayStation Arc at this year’s GDC.

Sony has been calling their PS3 motion controller the “de-facto” PS3 controller alongside the Dualshock 3 and plans on supporting the controller with an extensive line-up of games when it releases this fall.