MGS: Peace Walker is a “Test” for the Series

Watch out world, as Hideo Kojima has joined the Twitter craze! Thankfully, this is nothing but good news for the fans, as Hideo is more than willing to talk about his latest magnum opus, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and how it will affect the future development of the series.

Thanks go to everyone’s favorite Japanese gaming news site, AndriaSang, for translating all the crazy Japanese characters for Hideo’s Tweets. Mr. Kojima mentions that the PSP isn’t the sole destination for the future of the series and that it’s a ‘test’ to see what will work and how fans respond to the changes.

It’s not that PSP is the main platform for the future MGS series. PW is a test to see what type of expansions are there if MGS is brought to a portable. We’re not just rising vertically with development on next generation systems, but also horizontally, trying to expand gameplay.”

How about a ‘What if’? scenario? What if in MGS5, Snake (who is somehow still alive) is teaching a new army of soldiers to be a new wave of ultimate soldiers. Their first mission? To infiltrate the enemy headquarters, 4 player co-op style (Don’t forget the major new feature of Peace Walker IS the 4-player co-op)!!! Now that would be awesome!

Of course, all of this could change if MGS:PW flops, but hey, this is a Hideo Kojima game. When was the last time one of his games flopped? My point exactly.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker introduces 4-player co-op to the series on May 25 in the States and May 28 in Europe.