Split/Second: Velocity Gets Destructive Details

Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studios’ are ambitiously looking to create an intense and unique gaming experience with Split/Second: Velocity. The racer’s destructive terrain and visually mind-blowing cars helps it distinguish itself from other racers currently on the market. Dubbed the ‘Uncharted of racers‘, Split/Second: Velocity has been detailed and rated by the ESRB.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board confirms that Split/Second will be one of the most destructive games available, providing players to really get engaged with the interactive environment. The listing states:

In this action-racing game, players compete in a fictional reality-TV show and race through environments pre-rigged with explosives. Players can set-off large fiery explosions that destroy buildings and structures, unlocking new paths and shortcuts. Players can also strategically detonate explosives to cause damage to other racers. Jets, construction vehicles, and buses can be found throughout the tracks, and they often explode or crash on top of the racers. Slow-motion effects sometimes highlight car wrecks during the competition. In a “survival” mode, players must avoid incoming missiles fired from a helicopter; players can use a “deflect meter” that sends missiles back at the helicopter.

Split/Second: Velocity is rated as Everyone (10+) and will be racing to the United Kingdom on May 21st, while North America can expect it around the same time frame.