GameStop Shows Confidence in God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII

If you happen to live in Canada and are skeptical about whether or not to pick up either Final Fantasy XIII or God of War III, then you’re in luck, because GameStop has one heck of a trade-in guarantee promotion going on now.

Here’s the deal: if you pre-order either Final Fantasy XIII or God of War III from GameStop, you’ll have up to one week after your in-store pick-up of either game to trade them back in for full store credit. This goes to show how much faith the retail chain has in both of these titles, as well they should. With Final Fantasy XIII looking beautiful and God of War III looking to push the power of the PlayStation 3 to limits yet unknown, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an immensely awesome time with either title.

Again, this deal is for Canadian residents only, but those of you in the U.S. can still lighten the load on your wallets with some of the other deals we have reported on over the past few weeks for both Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III.