Final Fantasy XIV Beta to Invade PS3

If you are waiting for a chance to try out the Final Fantasy XIV Beta but you want to give it a try on the PS3 instead of the PC, then it looks like your chances are getting better.  The FFXIV Official Beta Website has been updated with new information concerning the PS3 beta and its looking like you will have to purchase the soon to be released Final Fantasy XIII to complete your registration.

If you check out the fine print on the website you will now notice the following.

  • If you have received a FINAL FANTASY XIV promotional code for registering FINAL FANTASY XIII on the Square Enix Members site, please use it to apply for the beta test.
  • The promotional code will also be required to obtain the FINAL FANTASY XIV secret in-game item, so please hold on to your code until the game’s official release.
  • If you have already applied for the FINAL FANTASY XIV beta test but would like to apply for the PlayStation 3 beta with a FINAL FANTASY XIV promotional code, please be aware that all previous applications will be invalidated.

So if you are wanting to get in early with the XIV Beta, then you might go ahead and pick up XIII as soon as you can.  Remember to check back here as more information on the beta becomes available.