Sony Says PS3 FFXIII is “The Way it Was Meant to be Played”

When it was announced almost two years ago that Final Fantasy XIII was no longer a Sony exclusive, many fans of the platform were enraged. Final Fantasy has been a flagship series for the PlayStation platform since 1997 with the release of the almighty Final Fantasy VII. However, while the title is still available on the Xbox 360 platform, many are still considering it partially exclusive due to the difference in quality between the two versions. Sony agrees.

According to GamesThirst, during a Square Enix conference with employees from several different companies, a Microsoft employee took the stage and gave thanks to Square Enix for releasing an Xbox 360 version of their latest title. The following ensued:

“…as mentioned earlier a Microsoft spokesperson took the stage hailing the publishing giant for bringing over the respected franchise to 360, followed by a Sony spokesperson who said that Final Fantasy is a PlayStation Franchise and that the latest installment is the “best on PS3″ – on a single Blu-ray disc – the way it was meant to be played.”

While it can be argued that the Final Fantasy series is equally as much of a Nintendo franchise, there’s no doubt that the PlayStation 3 version has several benefits. While what he said was out of line, the context of the situation wasn’t noted, so perhaps the statements by the Microsoft employee were more flamboyant.

Either way, Final Fantasy XIII has released today for the PlayStation 3 platform after five long years of development. Be sure to check it out whether or not you like RPGs.