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SingStar: Bow Chicka Wow Wow Edition

SingStar is a great game to host a family fun night. Just pop some popcorn, hook up the microphones, toss in the SingStar disc and be ready to belt out your favorite tunes with your favorite people. So why have 2 families had their SingStar account suspended due to a ferocious. XXX-rated rivalry?

44 year old Dawn Wilson and her 17 year old son Mark posted a video of their vocal skills on the PlayStation Network using one of the game’s networking features called My SingStar. They soon found out that their “SingStar” was no longer theirs. A rival French couple (there are rivals on SingStar?) edited their recorded duet to look as though they were performing pornographic acts.

Sony has since suspended the accounts of both parties involved, claiming the prank was a result of a “long running spat”. So next time you and your friends or family fire up SingStar, be sure not too piss off any obsessed French couples.