Dead Space 2 Contest: Fans Asked to Create the Perfect Kill

What happens next!? YOU DECIDE!

Dead Space 2 is now well into development, and recently, a few members of Visceral games released a video asking fans to submit their best kill ideas for Isaac–and if you’re chosen, not only will you see it in the game, you may also see yourself

If you’ve played Dead Space, then you definitely remember the ‘punt-the-lurker’ QTE animation when one tries to latch on to Isaac’s face and he responds by introducing his foot to the “baby necromorph.” Moments like that are exactly what Visceral is looking to fans for. Think you’ve got the perfect way for Isaac to end a one-on-one conflict with a reanimated, ravenous mutated human corpse? Then send it their way and not only could your idea be chosen, but the team will also incorporate your face somewhere in the game.

Entries can be submitted in pretty much any form- video, animations, images, a 500 word (max) description, or even a text. After the contest ends on March 26th, the team will review the entries and narrow it down to their ten favorites and post them on their website for fans to vote which one is the perfect necromorph kill.

The contest is open to residents from US, Canada (except Quebec), the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Australia who are aged 18 and older. Hit up their site for the full details and rules, and check the official video below:


Enticed? Do you think you’ve got the contest winning idea? Well what are you waiting for?! Put it in words or draw a mock up, and head on over to submit it now!

Contest ends March 26th!