PS3 to Go 3D This July

The PlayStation 3 has been the cornerstone of Sony’s recent 3D movement. Sony has confirmed that a patch, that would allow all PS3’s to display 3D, would release sometime this year. Unfortunately, no specific timeframe was ever given. However, a recent finding on the electronic-giant Bestbuy’s website seems to give the first solid, concrete timeframe for the anticipated patch.

On a 3D FAQ page, Bestbuy has given the first solid timeframe for the PS3 3D patch. Clicking on the first tab of this page will reveal the following tidbit:

To watch 3D Blu-ray Discs, you’ll need to add a 3D-ready Blu-ray player (or update your PS3 with the appropriate firmware when it becomes available in July).

Yup, that’s right. Bestbuy seems to have let the cat slip a bit early; either mistakenly or intentionally. This does seem to be about right, as one would think Sony would have a 3D patch already out before the seasonal rush at the end of the year, when they’ll be heavily pushing 3D.

Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll keep you up-to-date on this developing situation. We will surely let you know if Sony comments on the situation. Do you think this timeframe is accurate? Or is Bestbuy only wildly predicting? Post your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

Thanks for the tip, Josh!