Just Cause 2 Will Have “Lots” of DLC and More

Just Cause 2 is coming in a few weeks, just in time for everyone to take a lighthearted trip to an imaginary tropical paradise for a while in between rounds of killing Zeus. For those wondering if this game will have DLC and what sort of an online community might exist for this game, your questions have been answered.

New barrels via DLC? 🙂

According to lead designer Peter Johansson, the people over at Avalanche Studios are “going to have some fun with DLC…We’re going to have a lot of DLC.” Pricing and further details were not revealed, but some information was given as to a potential online website with stat-tracking, perhaps like those available for games such as Killzone 2 or Rockstar‘s Social Club:

“I’m not sure what the plans are from [Publisher] Square’s side, but we are definitely going to do that for the game; we’ll have these metrics, lots of metrics, and everything in as simple a form as we can do.”

Just Cause 2 releases in North America on March 23th and in Europe on the 26th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows platforms.