PS3: World’s Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

Fat is the new black… or something like that. Even though many have embraced the new, slimmer style of the PlayStation 3, a report just emerged that stated the somewhat obvious, but nevertheless previously unconfirmed massive fact.

Weekly Famitsu magazine just released a statement declaring that the PlayStation 3 is “the heaviest piece of gaming hardware ever released.”

The first PS3 model, launched in November 2006, tips the scales at just over 11 pounds, or five kilograms. That puts it way above the original Xbox, which was ridiculed before its 2001 launch for its enormous size despite weighing “only” 8.6 pounds.

While this isn’t anything new to announce, maybe it’s the edge some fanboys need to win the ever present console war debate.  But it’s not just the fattest- the PS3 Slim tips the scale in the other direction. It weighs in at a slender 7.05 pounds, seemingly boatloads less than the hefty 7.9 lbs the self-conscious, ‘too-fat-to-go-to-get-asked-to-prom’ Xbox 360 tips in at.

The wars over. We can sleep tonight because a winner has emerged; I just got word that the Slim was crowned Prom Queen.