UK Charts: God of War III is God of Sales

God of War III released across the globe last week, and with the PlayStation 3 exclusive being on of the most anticipated titles, it would undoubtedly have its sales advantages for Sony. We saw glimpses of the God of War III sales before the game’s release, but now the official charts has been revealed.

During 2009, Sony only had one game which reached the coveted 1st position with Killzone 2. However, Heavy Rain and now God of War III has already made it two straight number ones in the charts for 2010.

God of War III has triumphed in the latest UK charts compiled by GFK Chart Track. The title outsells its PS2 predecessor’s launch by 2.65 to 1.

Final Fantasy XIII drops down to third while Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is showing its commitment to battle. Last week’s charts can be viewed here.

Week ending March 20th, 2010: