God of War III Promotion – Japanese Style

Because the God of War series has been a staple franchise for the PlayStation platforms, Sony Computer Entertainment has put forth a monstrous marketing campaign to promote the final installment. From television to NASCAR, Sony is going to all ends to get Kratos’ finale out there.

Unsurprisingly, it is the Japanese marketing that strays from the norm, especially for a western-developed, western-style title. But thanks to Capcom taking the helm of publishing God of War 3 in Japan, they are taking advantage of name recognition combined with sheer Japanese demographic appeal.

Having apparently risen from the graves of goddesses, Yuri Morishita is back in the video game modeling business with the Japanese version of God of War 3. While the God of War series has historically been a fairly masculine franchise filled with blood, gore, and sexuality, the series has not been marketed in this fashion state-side.

Would sex appeal plus name recognition work in North America? For example, Danica Patrick meets Gran Turismo 5? Or should ads stick to their gaming guns Kevin Butler style? Tell us what you think in the comments below.