Kratos, God of Reality Television

February 11, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Sony has found some unique and different ways to promote Santa Monica Studio’s God of War III. First the team-up between them and 7-11 with the GOW III Slurpees. Then Sony and Gamestop are teaming-up to promote GOW III on March 20th with the Kratos-themed #20 Nascar car. Now Sony and Spike TV are giving you the chance to prove to the world that you’re the ultimate God of War Fan and a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Spike TV plans to hold a reality TV show to show to the world who exactly is the greatest GOW fan of them all. Check out the official details below.

Spike TV is looking for Hard Core Gamers and fans of God of War to compete in a HUGE Television Competition!

Are you a fan of the God of War series? Do you know the game and how to play? Do you want to compete on Spike TV and have a chance to win AMAZING prizes? If so, continue reading!

Spike TV is currently casting for a new competition featuring God of War 3 and we want hardcore gamers to participate! SPIKE challenges the biggest God of War fans to embrace their inner warrior on a quest to become the last titan standing. Can you take the game character’s physical power, knack for solving puzzles, and awesome finishing moves and bring it in real-life? Enlist now!

The show will shoot the week of March 1st, in either Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Should you be chosen, you will need to provide your own transportation and accommodations.

We are looking for Hardcore Gamers, Willing to compete in physical, mental and gaming challenges, Males and Females, AT LEAST 21 years old and up, in good mental and physical health (willing to go through any necessary background/medical checks if selected), with a valid govt issued driver’s license, living in or willing to travel to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas for the show.

If this is you, please do the following:

EMAIL us at [email protected]

Put “God of War 3” in the subject line and include the following:







Answer the following questions:

Why are you the biggest God of War fan?

What is your favorite Boss Battle?

What other games do you play?

Upon receiving your entry, we will contact you with further information.

Considering the fact that filming for the show doesn’t start until the 1st week of March, makes you wonder if this show will be on before the game’s release.

If any of you PSLS fans out  there decide to enter and further more, are accepted for the show, let us know! We’d love to hear about your experience.

Kratos fury against the Gods of Olympus comes to a conclusion on March 16th. Are you ready?