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PSP2 May be Coming Sooner Than Later [UPDATE 3]

The PlayStation Portable 2 has long been rumored for what seems like eons now.  PSP2 has been the subject of speculation, artists renditions, forum battles, but never the subject of a Sony press release. We all know Sony is hard at work developing the next generation PlayStation Portable. While it’s not ready for official unveiling, recent discoveries indicate that may happen sooner then you think.

For the moment it is unclear if the PSP2 is being designed as a mobile phone or will just be a portable game machine. What we do know is a couple of LinkedIn profiles clearly list the PSP2 in their experience and summaries. Dominic Mason is the Director at AtomFire Productions, a game development house located in Brighton, United Kingdom. They specialize in mobile games, mobile apps, web apps and flash games. Both his summary and experience indicate the following:

AtomFire Productions undertakes games and interactive entertainment projects for high-end web, DS and DSi, Wii, PSP, PSP2, PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, WiiWare, iPhone and Windows.

Additionally, Hilke Muslim, Coordinator at “Frumusete pe muchie de cutit”, ProTV located in Romania, interestingly enough lists the following information in her summary:

casting assistant: Sony PSP2

This could be casting for commercials, advertisements or games.

This is not an official statement the PSP2 is nearing it’s debut, but this certainly is evidence that the PSP2 is somewhere in the later stages of development. If games are being developed and people are being casted that would likely mean the platform is complete. Either way these profiles are likely to be updated after publishing.

Stay tuned with PlayStation LifeStyle as more information unfolds.

Thanks for the tip Mr. Tan!

[UPDATE] Another reference to the PSP2 has been noted and E3 is rumored to be the “battlefront.” According to PS3Blog, Shane Bettenhausen of the 4 guys 1 Up Podcast seems to have some insider info and thinks the portable console will make it’s debut at E3.

“I think the big story of E3 is DS 2 and PSP 2. I’m really excited to see that,” he further commented that the”DS and PSP both existed in completely different sides […] if those two put out similar products at the same time, it really evens the playing field.”

[UPDATE 2] TechRadar reports that Colin Sebastian Capital analyst for Lazard is forecasting in the next coming months Sony will announce the next gen PSP with E3 obviously being the best opportunity.

“While 3D games remain on the drawing board and not yet on store shelves, the emergence of new 3D game platforms could breathe more life into the hardware market”

[UPDATE 3] Connected Consoles has since been in touch with Dominic Mason of AtomFire. He has since updated his profile and provided the following statement:

“Sadly, it’s an old listing from before PSPGo was called that. I apologise to partners, colleagues and friends at Sony for any misrepresentation.”