Modern Warfare 2 is The Game to Beat According to DICE

April 5, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The direct competition which stands in the way of the highly successful Modern Warfare 2 is undoubtedly EA and DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The shooter’s producer believes Modern Warfare 2 is the game to beat.

Speaking to X360World, Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s producer Patrick Bach believes Infinity Wards’ Modern Warfare 2 is certainly the one to surpass. When asked if both single-player and multiplayer were done together or separately for Bad Company 2, Bach stated:

No. Both were developed very much in parallel, with no lead platform. Our idea is that the single-player should be almost like a tutorial for multiplayer, and vice versa. Modern Warfare 2 is the class leader, the game to beat but not to replicate. We wanted to write our own songs, so to speak.

Bach also mentioned that the upcoming games from the company they closely work with, EA, won’t affect Bad Company 2 in any form.

We won’t alter our products simply because EA has another project in the same genre. We’re owned by EA but we’re still very much DICE.

Last week witnessed Bad Company 2 receiving a free DLC update, including the once pre-order exclusive Squad Rush mode.