Super Street Fighter IV Hadokens Bestsellers List

With Super Street Fighter IV arriving on the PlayStation 3 in just over 3 weeks, retailers are offering deals left and right to claim your money. One major online retailer is offering a deal so sweet, that it quickly took over the bestseller spot in no time flat.

Not to be outdone by, is offering SSFIV at $36.99, which is $3 bucks off the overall price, they’re also throwing in $10 towards another video game purchase PLUS the ‘Super Classic costume’ DLC pack for free, which has resulted in SSFIV taking over the overall spot in Amazon’s video games bestsellers list! Need some proof? Check out the image below:

Just a reminder: Super Street Fighter IV uppercuts retailers on April 27 in the US and April 30 in Europe. Check out the sweetness of the TV spot if you need to further fuel your hype for the game.