Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot Ready for a Fight

When Street Fighter IV hit last year, it gave a much needed jolt to the sagging fighting game genre, and Capcom looks to to continue its dominance of the genre this year with Super Street Fighter IV. Thanks to Seth Killian of Capcom, the TV spot for SSFIV has debuted, and it doesn’t feature the much-maligned ‘Indestructible’ song from the original release. Yuck.


Hmm, let’s see what this commercial does right: Mentions new characters? Check! Shows off the bonus stages? Check! Features a decent song? Check! Going to rock the fighting scene!? Double Check!! Absolutely no signs of Exile’s ‘Indestructible’ song? Thank You God Check!!!

Super Street Fighter IV hadokens to retailers on April 27 in the US and April 30 in Europe. Look for our review shortly after it hits!