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Capcom Producers Talk Street Fighter V Microtransactions and Hopes for a Stable Launch

The beta’s been a great help.


Capcom Aiming to Release Street Fighter V DLC Fighters Every Two Months, 2nd Wave Confirmed

Ono says there’s plenty of time for Xbox One owners to save $300 and buy a PS4 before launch.


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – November 17 – November 24 2015

There’s a freebie among the offerings this week!


Street Fighter V Tutorial Mode Includes a Mini Story



Street Fighter V is a PS4 and PC Title Because Capcom Wanted to “Unify the Community”

Sony provided the support Capcom needed.


Web Game Resident Evil Contagion Returns Ahead of Resident Evil 0 HD

That cursed T-Virus just won’t let up.


Mega Man Legacy Collection Attacks Retail Stores on February 23, 2016

Get it on PS4, Xbox One, or 3DS.


Resident Evil 0 Comparison Screens Showcase Improved Graphics and Lighting

Nightmare fuel, in HD!

PlayStation VR

Capcom: Developing Games for PlayStation VR Not off the Table

Japanese publisher testing out “many types of hardware.”


No More Visible Butt Slap in Street Fighter V; R. Mika Move Edited by Capcom

Her signature slap no longer on camera.


Report: Street Fighter V Data Files Name Post-Launch DLC Characters

Guile’s back! Woo-hoo!


Capcom Sees Increase in Sales, Fall in Profits

Mixed results.


PGW 2015: Street Fighter V Release Date Is February 16, 2016, Trailer Reveals Dhalsim

Expect confirmation today.


Alex, Ibuki, and Other Characters Possibly Leaked for Street Fighter V

Some additional character assets found as well.


Street Fighter V Beta Phase 1 Characters Added to Second Test as “Token of Appreciation”

Beta concludes today.


Capcom Plans to Release a Big Game Every 2.5 Years, Will Continue Supporting PS3, Xbox 360

Capcom said in a financial document.


Street Fighter V Character Showcase Video Features Laura and Zangief

Following the confirmation of Laura and Zangief as the latest fighters addedRead the full article…


Resident Evil Team Focusing on VR, Resident Evil 0 Dev Diary Talks Improved Graphics

“We have just set sail on our latest voyage.”

alex street fighter

Capcom to Consider Expanding Classic Fighter Alex’s Role in Street Fighter V

No promises have been made, though.