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Capcom Reports Drop in Sales and Profit, Thanks to a Focus on “Minor Titles”

Company is looking ahead to Resident Evil 7 & Dead Rising.


New Street Fighter V Intro Video Shows How to Play Juri

Here’s what you need to know about Juri


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for Maintenance Today, Standalone Juri Release Delayed in Europe

But you can still buy her in-game with Fight Money starting today.

dead rising 1 2006

Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record Listed for September Release by Xbox Store

There’s also a triple pack including all three titles.

Mega Man rumor

Rumor: New Mega Man Game Coming Based Upon Upcoming Mega Man Animated Series

Wait, there’s a new Mega Man cartoon coming?


Capcom: Resident Evil 7 Is “Very Much a Survival Game,” the Main Series Will Be Survival Horror

Dead Rising 4 “will appear on different platforms” in the future.


Juri Hits Street Fighter V on July 26, Here’s Her Reveal Trailer

Cammy, Laura, and Ibuki are getting Premium Summer costumes.


Capcom Confirms Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 & Off the Record for PS4

All three also coming to Xbox One, with the original coming to PC.


Street Fighter V Juri DLC Expected to Arrive in Late July

A pocket of fans label Pro Tour DLC a rip-off.


Capcom Once Considered a Supernatural Element for Resident Evil 7

“At the beginning we did consider everything.”

dead rising 1 2006

Original Dead Rising’s PS4 Trophies Appear Online

Originally released on Xbox 360.


Capcom Launches Street Fighter V DLC Pack to Coincide With Evo Tournament

Available for $25.

Ibuki Street Fighter V update

Huge List of Bug Fixes for Street Fighter V Story Mode

Right before EVO 2016 too. That won’t spell disaster.


Resident Evil 7 and the Prospect of AAA VR Games

The fabled killer app.

Umbrella Corps Mansion Map DLC

Mansion Map Available as Free Umbrella Corps DLC

In case anyone out there is playing any bit of this game…


Capcom Aware of Resident Evil 5 Glitches and Frame-Rate Issues on PS4 and Xbox One

There’s an inventory bug as well.


Resident Evil 4 Out on August 30 for PS4 & Xbox One

Expect it to cost $20.


Resident Evil 7 Demo Sets Download Record on PS4

Capcom thanks fans for their feedback and support.


Capcom Sends Out a Tease for the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

The PS4 demo crosses two million downloads.