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dead rising series

Capcom Vancouver Says It’ll Focus on Flagship Dead Rising Franchise Going Forward

Reports of layoffs emerged in February.

Monster hunter world update 3.0 patch notes

Monster Hunter: World Update 3.0 Adds 16-Player Hunting Sieges and a New Location, Read the Patch Notes

Kulve Taroth can be fought by up to 16 players working together.

monster hunter world title update kulve taroth

Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster: Introducing Kulve Taroth’s World

We really wish that we can get it’s head. It’s gonna be such a bad-ass shield.

street fighter 5 falke

Falke Joins Street Fighter V’s Roster Next Week

Get a quick peek at her fighting style!

Monster hunter world mega man

Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Gear Now Available, Devil May Cry’s Dante Coming Later This Month

The crazy crossovers continue!

onimusha remake

Capcom Files Trademarks for Onimusha, Sparking Up Rumors of a Remake

Is the series making a comeback?

Monster Hunter World Ultimate?! Details Talked About by the Game’s Director

G-rank won’t be here soon. So stop sharpening those greatswords too much guys.

resident evil 7 sales

Resident Evil 7 Sales Cross 5 Million Worldwide

The game recently won an award for Best VR Audio.

Monster Hunter World Chun Li Handler costume DLC

New Monster Hunter: World DLC Will Include Chun-Li Costume for the Handler and More

More in the trailer.

Sengoku Basara Festival Summer 2018

Capcom Will Hold Sengoku Basara Festival Summer 2018 in Japan

Could a new Basara game be announced here?

monster hunter world spring blossom festival

Capcom Details Monster Hunter: World’s Spring Blossom Festival

Earn old gear once again!

read the street fighter 5 update 1.18 patch notes

Read the Street Fighter V Update 2.02 Patch Notes

Huge changes coming to the fighting game.

monster hunter world update

Monster Hunter: World Update 2.01 Coming Next Week, Fixes Bow Issues and Several Bugs

Item pouch is being tweaked.

Street Fighter 5 Darkstalkers Costumes

Street Fighter V Getting Darkstalkers Costume DLC

Lilith, Donovan, and more!

puzzle fighter ps4

Puzzle Fighter PS4 Version Rated by PEGI

All your favorite Capcom stars.

Street Fighter TV Show 2018

A Live-Action Street Fighter TV Show is in the Works

From the team that made the Assassin’s Fist webseries.

‘Working With Marvel is a F**king Nightmare,’ Details Surface About Marvel’s MvCI Demands

“They wouldn’t allow us to do the combos on any Marvel character.”

Monster Hunter World Deviljho

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Trailer Shows Off Dangerous New Monster

A new boss to take down.

Monster Hunter World Update 2.00 Patch Notes

Read the Monster Hunter: World Update 2.00 Patch Notes

A ton of changes!