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$59.99 Capcom Essentials Pack Outed by Retailer: Includes 5 Games, Dated for October 8th

The devil man may rise.


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of June 27, 2011

While summer time action movies are consistently releasing to the box offices,Read the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Coming as DLC

Super Street Fighter IV was released as an expansion to the original fourth installment of the beloved franchise, but that isn’t stopping Capcom from releasing more content with another moniker tacked on.

These Super Street Fighter IV Costumes Would Have Been Great on Halloween

While fighting games may not necessarily be the prime destination for downloadable expansion packs, Capcom doesn’t look to let that stop them on charging consumers for content. What is it this time? Even more costumes!

Ken Masters is Really Cheap

The PlayStation LifeStyle team loves a good deal as much as we love our PS3’s. If the previous deal for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow wasn’t up your alley then don’t worry. Maybe taking on a few World Warriors is more your speed? If so, Ken Masters is calling your name.

Capcom KOs Super Street Figher IV Console DLC

Awhile back, we reported that Yoshinori Ono had plans to release an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV) as DLC for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But now, it looks like Ono-san’s plans may have taken a blow just below the belt by Capcom.

More Super Street Fighter IV Alternate Costumes Incoming

Even months after release, Capcom are still releasing Super Street Fighter IVRead the full article…

SSFIV Roster Growing Even More Super

Super Street Fighter IV, which was published by Capcom, added a tonRead the full article…

The Tale of Two Namco Vs. Capcoms

Just last week PlayStation LifeStyle reported that Super Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori Ono had a “new game” in development. But a new rumor has come out that no one ever saw coming.

Street Fighter IV Producer to Announce New Game at Comic-Con

Legendary creator of Street Fighter hints at next game…

Ono Hinting At Something Bigger Than Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter creator, Yoshi Ono has recently released a rather curious tweetRead the full article…

New Super Street Fighter IV DLC is Beautiful

Capcom is once again hard at work churning out more downloadable contentRead the full article…