Super Street Fighter IV Update Offers More Than You Expect

Capcom will be releasing a new update next month which sees a new mode being introduced in Super Street Fighter IV. But that’s not all the update will include as the developers have announced the gameplay tweaks which will be included as well.

The fighter’s assistant producer, Tomoaki Ayano has said that not only will the June update include a free tournament mode, but also various gameplay tweaks which players have reported to be having issues with.

  • Certain Fei Long combos turning into an endless combo
  • When you unleash an Ultra Combo and time freezes, your guard input cancels out. This, Ayano admitted, is actually something that was known prior to the release, but they left it in as an interesting play mechanic. After the game’s release, they realized that there were a number of characters that ended up in being able to unleash their Ultra Combos with no risk.
  • The effect of Sagat’s Angry Charge move does not reflect on his EX Tiger Uppercut in some circumstances.
  • Counter damage against Bison’s Ultra Combo II Psycho Punisher move is too low
  • When Ibuki attacks a ducking Chun-Li, the second hit of the attack will not register
  • When Ibuki rises from the ground in certain instances, she’ll retain her invincibility for a long time.

The update is currently scheduled for a release on June 15th.

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