street fighter v rose dan update

Street Fighter V Brings Back Rose, Dan, and a Guy With a Turtle in Upcoming Season V Updates

Despite launching back in 2014, Capcom has continued to support Street Fighter V through all of its highs and lows. That update streak will continue into 2021 with the Season V series of updates, as even more fighters and content are coming to Street Fighter V, including beloved schlub Dan, EVO-winning mystic Rose, Rival Schools‘ resident biker Akira Kazama, and the newly turtle-wielding Oro, and more unannounced content, all appearing in an update flurry through fall 2021.

street fighter v rose dan update

Did I say turtle? You bet, and in classic Street Fighter fashion, Capcom hints/warns that the Street Fighter 3 character’s reptile friend may factor into Oro’s playstyle. The PlayStation Blog has some of the nitty-gritty details, but it’s safe to say that the return of Dan and Rose to the stage is a move that is equal parts welcome and reviled by the fanbase. Long considered a joke character, Dan may be viewed as a wasted slot when, after all, we could be getting the seventh version of Akuma or Violent Ken or something equally stupid.

More interesting is the inclusion of Akira from Rival Schools, a game long forgotten by many that should be played by all, arguably one of the best fighting games available for the PlayStation. The rollout of this new content will happen in stages, with additional balance changes, stages, costumes, and more all making their way to the streets between winter 2020 and fall 2021. It appears Capcom continues to back Street Fighter V for the long haul, whether or not anyone thinks it is a good idea.

To say that Street Fighter V has been a massive letdown is completely subjective, but a sentiment that many fans share. In fairness, what can compare to Street Fighter IV, probably the greatest fighting game of the previous generation and the game that brought professional fighting games to the center stage? Nothing can, meaning that SFV was at a disadvantage from the beginning. And yet, Capcom has kept on keeping on, with updates well past the game’s 2014ish debut, now supporting the game into the launch of next-gen consoles, though there’s no word yet on a PS5 version of the game.

But, hey: If there ever was a series of updates to bring people back to the franchise then this would be it. A mix of classic characters, weird niche picks, and a bunch of cool costumes—not to mention a freaking turtle—can do a lot to repair a game’s bad reputation. Keep an eye out for more on this update, as well as pricing, in the future.