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Uncharted 2 ‘Siege’ Expansion Pack DLC Detailed; Trophy List

Since its release Uncharted 2 has deservedly received numerous awards and plenty of acclaim from critics and fans alike. Now close to 6 months from the blockbuster game’s release, Sony and Naughty Dog have unveiled details on an upcoming Uncharted 2 expansion pack titled Siege.

On April 22, the ‘Siege Expansion Pack’ will be released on the PlayStation Network. The DLC will be the game’s first add-on co-op game mode, which also includes 2 new maps, 6 multiplayer skins, and 11 new trophies for you to unlock. Here are the full details below:

Co-op Game Type


Pits 2 or 3 players against the AI.

Objective: capture and hold the territory against the waves of increasingly difficult AI adversaries. All players must be in the territory to capture it, so it’s a constant battle to keep the AI from assaulting the player’s position.

Players compete in one territory per round and the territory changes location every round.

2 Multiplayer Maps

The Highrise

Towering over the streets of Nepal, The Highrise is a map with plenty of opportunities for players to get the high ground on their opponents. Set on a series of destroyed and under-construction buildings, players need to be on their toes as there are many different jump locations and paths around the map. Players should also watch out for the incoming airstrikes, as they can clear the rooftops in seconds.

The Museum

Set at dusk amongst the courtyards and display cases at the site of Drake and Flynn’s heist, The Museum provides players with a mix of intense gameplay covering traversing across rooftops, dodging gunfire through twisting corridors, and close quarters fighting. Players need to watch their backs as there are numerous flank routes in all parts of this circular map. Players should also learn the secret climbing routes that will allow them to get the drop on their opponents.


6 Multiplayer Character Skins

  • Wetsuit Drake
  • Baseball Shirt Drake
  • Prakoso
  • Platzor
  • Glowzor
  • Dead Explorer

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