Red Dead Redemption Spurs New Multiplayer Screens

April 14, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Rockstar Games’ upcoming western sandbox game titled Red Dead Redemption is one of the most sought after games of 2010. Boasting an enormous world with an even more polished Grand Theft Auto IV engine as well as a robust multiplayer lobby system, the game is looking to be a fine addition to this year’s PS3 line-up. Now Rockstar Games have finally debuted some of their first official Red Dead Redemption multiplayer screenshots.

Rockstar Games have officially released brand-new multiplayer screenshots for Red Dead Redemption. These new screenshots showoff the posses system featured in the online component as well as both the hunting and competitive systems which were revealed not long ago. On top of that, one screenshot shows off the different looks that a character can unlock as well as a few of the weapons that this upcoming western game offers.

Check out the several new multiplayer screenshots for Red Dead Redemption below: