David Jaffe + ModNation Racers = Success

April 15, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

The major feature for the upcoming title ModNation Racers is none other than all of the creative tools at your disposal. You can edit you track, racer, and kart down to the smallest details for some absolutely amazing results. Sony is capitalizing on this by releasing a series of video prior to release entitled “Artist Spotlight” featuring some of Sony’s most popular and well known developers talking about their experience and thoughts about the game. Sony went to their deep bullpen of talent and recruited ‘The Man’ himself, David Jaffe, to talk to the talk about his love for ModNation Racers.

Spoiler Alert: 2 of the first four words out of David’s mouth are bleeped out, in that classic Jaffe style! Gotta love David Jaffe, right?!? Enjoy!

ModNation Racers looks to revolutionize the kart racer genre this May 25! Pre-order it today for an extra $10 and free DLC!