Quantic Dream Asked to Censor Heavy Rain’s Stormiest Scenes

Heavy Rain is well known for its compelling decision-driven gameplay which helps to bring a sense of reality to many of the games scenes, even scenes featuring explicit or extremely violent content. An ex-member of Quantic Dream has revealed that Sony actually asked Quantic Dream to tone down particular scenes, due to overwhelming violence or excessive nudity.

Alexandre Roche, ex-animator for Quantic Dream reveals during an interview with UPSBlogit why Sony asked them to cut out certain parts of the PlayStation 3 exclusive. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I worked on the animations, in fact, Heavy Rain contains more than 20000 body’s animations. Each one of them is the result of acting in Quantic Dream’s Motion Capture studio, and I had to refine these with a team of 10 animators.

But don’t worry, they just ask us to hide some nudity during the showers or the love scene. They also ask us to hide the death of Jason Mars. But I guess there is no other change between the original David Cage’s version and the final version.

Roche further goes on to say how the car accident scene changed from the uncensored version:

Actually the animation wasn’t so different. In the uncensored scene, after the car accident, Jason started rolling on the road for a while. It was quite violent scene considering that a child was involved in it.

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