EA Sports MMA Claims that “Now It’s a Fight” with Latest Trailer

Isn’t it ironic? UFC went to EA, asking them to make a game based on their sport and EA turned them down, claiming that MMA ‘wasn’t a sport’. Oops! Since then UFC Undisputed has gone on to sell over a million copies and now EA has jumped into the game with their own MMA game, EA Sports MMA. With their billions of dollars of support, EA Sports is looking to take the best of the rest from the world of MMA and challenge UFC to the mighty throne of the best MMA video game around and their latest trailer looks like this ‘war’ could be one for the history books.


If UFC Undisputed 2010 doesn’t fulfill your MMA fantasy this year, then make sure you check out EA Sports MMA , as it’s the only MMA video game around that will feature the #1 MMA fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko.