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ea sports ufc 3 glitch

The EA Sports UFC 3 Beta Has Some Hilarious Bugs

No wolf tickets here.

EA Talks Skate 4, New Need for Speed, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, UFC & NBA Live

It isn’t good news if you’re waiting for Skate 4.

The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 20 – Is Tomb Raider More Fun Than Uncharted?

We’ll know this holiday season…

EA Sports UFC 2 Review – Full Contact Knockout (PS4)

It’s almost fight time and the octagon is awaiting your arrival.

Conan O’Brien Plays EA Sports UFC 2 With Conor McGregor, It Doesn’t Go Well

They play it on PlayStation 4.

Conor McGregor Joins Ronda Rousey on the Cover of EA Sports UFC 2

He defeated Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

EA Sports UFC Update Adds New Fighters and Tweaks Character Stamina

Three new fighters and gameplay tweaks rolling into your guard.

EA Sports UFC to Add T.J. Dillashaw Within the Month

Which fighter do you want added next?

EA Sports UFC Review: Button Tap Out (PS4)

EA Sports goes for a knock-out with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

PSLS Interviews: EA Sports UFC — Handling Online Multiplayer, Finding the “Sweet Balance” in Gameplay and More

EA Sports UFC assistant producer Jazz Brousseau talks to PSLS on why the sports sim won’t be making its way to last-gen, how to deal with online multiplayer disconnecters and more.

EA Explains Why EA Sports UFC is Not Coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

EA Sports UFC assistant producer Jazz Brousseau speaks out on their “gamble” to only release on PS4 and Xbox One.

EA to Ban EA Sports UFC Players From Online Matchmaking for Intentional Disconnects

Here’s how EA is handling online quitters in EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC Won’t be a Yearly Franchise According to Assistant Producer

Assistant producer Jazz Brousseau reveals EA Sports UFC won’t see a yearly release.

FIFA Confirmed for Next-Gen, EA Sports UFC and Battlefield 4 Get Heavy Next-Gen Hints

Everyone’s gEAring up for the Xbox event.

UFC Undisputed 3 Trailer Shows Fighters, Features

In your best Bruce Buffer voice, make your whole house shake withRead the full article…

EA Sports MMA Might Be a One-Hit KO

EA Sports MMA became the second major MMA video game to join the fray when it was released just a week ago. Many have called it a great addition, but sales indicate that the public isn’t catching on. Might this be the end for EA’s undertaking with the violent sport?

UFC Undisputed 2010 Roster Breaks Free From Submission

No sport in the past 10 years has been on such a meteoritic rise like MMA has. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, aka UFC is main reason this sport has caught on and guess what? Its not going anywhere anytime soon. UFC Undisputed 2009 sold over 3 million copies combined and has since joined the ‘Greatest Hit’ lineup of games. UFC Undisputed 2010 looks to smash last years edition with a roster of over 80 (!!!!) fighters, Undisputed 2010 is going to be HUGE and we have the entire list of fighters for you to check out.

EA Sports MMA Claims that “Now It’s a Fight” with Latest Trailer

Isn’t it ironic? UFC went to EA, asking them to make a game based on their sport and EA turned them down, claiming that MMA ‘wasn’t a sport’. Oops! Since then UFC Undisputed has gone on to sell over a million copies and now EA has jumped into the game with their own MMA game, EA Sports MMA. With their billions of dollars of support, EA Sports is looking to take the best of the rest from the world of MMA and challenge UFC to the mighty throne of the best MMA video game around and their latest trailer looks like this ‘war’ could be one for the history books.