Twisted Metal: Harbor City “Not Even Close” to Eat Sleep Play’s New Title

There are two theories as to what David Jaffe, the well-known game designer behind the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, is working on. One theory predicts that the game will be an entirely new IP. The other suggests that it’s a long speculated “reboot” of the Twisted Metal series. Since Jaffe can’t discuss details about what his new game is or isn’t, at least not until Sony gives the green light, we’re left to be tormented by our own imagination. However, we do know at least one thing his next game isn’t.

Last Monday, a LinkedIn profile seemingly confirmed that Twisted Metal: Harbor City was in development for the PS3. However, Jaffe has cleared the air so to speak, stating that Harbor City is not what his studio are working on, saying that it’s “not even close.”