Manhunt 3 Gets Stealth Killed

April 26, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Gore-filled and gruesome psychological horror title, Manhunt, is one of the most controversial titles ever released. The level of graphic violence featured in the game led it to get banned in various countries – something which piqued gamer’s interest even more. Manhunt 3, which was rumored to be in development has, may have fallen victim to a stealth kill from behind.

Rumors emerged last month that Manhunt 3 will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 3, and similar to Manhunt 2 on the Nintendo Wii, utilize the PlayStation motion Move controller. GoFanboy who received word from ‘trusted sources’ last month are now stating that Take Two have canned the idea of another installment in the series.

Despite story concepts and art ideas being discussed amongst the developers, the decision, if true, will certainly frustrate fans who have waited for a Manhunt title to arrive on next-gen consoles. However, the news doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t potentially see it arrive in the foreseeable future. Apparently, there are employees within Rockstar who want to see the gruesome series continued.