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High Velocity Bowling Getting Move and 3D Enabled Retail Release? [Update]

High Velocity Bowling released back in December of 2007 and utilized SIXAXIS motion support to provide a realistic bowling experience. The game was set to try for the spare, adding PlayStation Move support. However, a retail release may instead be aiming for the strike with both PlayStation Move and 3D support.

A listing has popped up on suggesting that High Velocity Bowling will be getting released at retail for $39.99. The boxart listed on the retailers website states that the game is “PlayStation Move compatible” and features that special “3D Game” logo at the bottom.

The most curious part of this would easily be the $39.99 price tag. The PSN downloadable version is only $9.99 – obviously a big discrepancy. However, when you add up all the DLC available, the game rings in just over the $40 mark, making the price seem a lot more reasonable.

No official announcement has been made as of this writing about a retail release or if the PSN version will receive a patch for 3D gaming and PlayStation Move support. We’ve fired off an email to Sony to get some clarification on this matter and we’ll be sure to update if they’re so kind enough to respond.

[UPDATE] Just as we published this, the PlayStation Blog released new details for the next PlayStation Plus offering which hits on the 21st of September. Included for free to Plus subscribers is a “FREE add-on” for High Velocity Bowling “Move compatability”. If this is “FREE” for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it leads us to believe that non-subscribers will have to pay for PlayStation Move support separately and it wont just arrive via a patch. This must be what Senior Social Media Specialist, Sid Shuman meant when he mentioned this: “Whether these updates are free or will require a fee will depend on the game and publisher.”