E3 2010 Won’t See Twisted Metal or David Jaffe

April 28, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Among unannounced titles for the PlayStation 3, David Jaffe’s work-in-progress sits above all. It has been over two-years since Jaffe announced that he had begun working on the new title and two-years of gamers guessing what the title may be. According to a recent post, it looks like more waiting is in the pipeline before the official announcement of said title.

David Jaffe has announced via Twitter that not only will he not be at E3 this year, but his project will also not be announced there. On Twitter, Jaffe posted the following Tweet:

Well I assure you 100% that is not accurate. If my game would be at E3, I would be there. ALSO we are NOT making that game.

He followed up with the following:

“I will say this about the list: makes me excited for E3! Even tho I’m watching it from my home, I can’t wait already!!!!”

Whether or not he’s telling the truth is up for debate, but chances are he’s serious. The question is, when will the title be announced? It’s hard to imagine the game being announced at E3 2011, and Eat, Sleep, Play are a North American company so it wouldn’t make much sense to announce it at the Tokyo Game Show. All that’s left is the European GamesCom Conference in August, or an official announcement at a smaller event or no event at all.

In any case, it seems that more waiting will be required by fans to find out if the project in development by Eat, Sleep, Play is a new Twisted Metal title, or something completely new.