Jaffe’s Next Game Plot Planning Shows Twisted Images [UPDATE]

God of War creator and Twisted Metal Director, David Jaffe has frequently teased his upcoming game, with the twitter and blogging addict purposely and accidentally releasing numerous clues about the title. In a recent post on his personal blog, Jaffe may have let slip some important details about his game from Eat Sleep Play.

Jaffe visited Sony Cinematics offices in San Diego where they jotted down the story line of his game, drawing several scenes from the title. While there, the developer took two photos of the storyboard and posted them on his blog.  While the images are heavily edited, and rather grainy, much can be deciphered from the pictures.

In one box in the photograph, the rear wheel of a thin vehicle is portrayed, with the object – most likely a motorbike – doing a 180 degree spin.

In another drawing, the main character is shown to be gripping what is most likely the handlebar of a motorbike, even the headlights of the bike is visible.

Further pictures show more images of what appears to be a motorbike, from the front and the back, with the legs of the character shown either side of the bike’s wheels.

In a later box, the mouth of the character portrayed is blocked out, which would be an odd decision if there was nothing to hide. The area covered is exactly the same position as the red bobble nose of Twisted Metal’s most iconic character ‘Sweet Tooth’.

PlayStation LifeStyle would like to remind readers that the pictures are rather blurry, and edited, so much can be taken out of context. However, several of the drawings show what resembles a motorcycle, this motorized vehicle points towards the game either being Twisted Metal, which was a vehicle game or towards a new IP which features motorbikes. The fact that one of the faces is blocked out points towards the game being an existing IP, as it wouldn’t make sense to block out the face of an unknown character.

With that in mind, what do you think these images mean? Tell us in the comments below.

To check out the full images of the storyboard, turn to page 2.


David Jaffe has responded to this article on Twitter saying:

“I love how they see a motorcycle in these! 🙂 Talk about a Rorschach test.”


Looks, like we were right, Twisted Metal is officially coming to PS3.