Shadow of Colossus Movie Will be HUGE In 3D

May 3, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

‘3D is a fad’ says Roger Ebert. He calls it a ‘wasted dimension’. How about a reminder, Roger. Want to know how much Avatar, one of the first ‘true’ 3D movies made worldwide?? Over $2.7 billion dollars and is the #1 movie…of all time. What does this have to do with the Shadow of the Colossus movie you ask? The good as confirmed script writer for the film more or less says that it’s essential that the film be made for 3D and you can’t really blame the guy. Read on to find out his thoughts on 3D filmmaking.

When asked about the rise of popularity for 3D movies in the LA Times, SOTC script writer, Justin Marks, doesn’t confirm that the film will be in 3D, although when you read between the lines, his comments sure point toward plenty of 3D battles with the colossi.

3D continues to speak to the elimination of the middle creatively. If you don’t have an action tentpole that can conceivably be thought of in 3D, you may as well make small indie movies because the studios aren’t going to be that interested.

Just imagine one of the colossus reaching for the main hero… and it feels as if the monster is going to grab you! Oh my! Whoa. Wait. Wait. I just IMDB’ed that Justin guy. He wrote the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li film. Uh. Oh. But this is Shadow of Colossus! One of the best PlayStation 2 games in the WORLD! No way he can ruin this, right? right!?

For those of you who might have missed Shadow of the Colossus back on the PS2… go play it now! If you have a backwards compatible PS3 or a PS2 for that matter, run out and spend that $10 for one of my personal top 25 games of all time. Yes… it’s that good. It should hold you over until Team ICO’s next game, The Last Guardian, hits sometime this year or early next year. More news on the Shadow of the Colossus move as it comes.