Downloads ‘Blurred’ out of DLC

May 7, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Bizzare Creations’ upcoming racing title for the PlayStation 3 is set to release this month and Activision is revving up the marketing for Blur.  As we near closer to the May 25th release date, Bizzare is working overtime, pumping out trailers, promotions, and of course interviews. Speaking of interviews, though, the developer has unveiled some juicy details about expanding Blur’s gameplay and mechanics.

According to the lead designer of Blur, Gareth Wilson, in regards to downloadable content:

“One of the cool techie things that we have in this game is that we have a content server that you connect to when you boot up the game. So we can change playlists and game modes and add and remove stuff without actually doing an official DLC type downloadable pack over PSN or Xbox Live.”

As we can recall, Naughty Dog achieved this form of game changing in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ competitive multiplayer. Foreshadowing into the future, it is easy to predict that online games will gradually shift to this new, “cloud” architecture in which features and improvements can be adjusted server-side rather than a download on the local console.

Blur releases in stores May 25, 2010. Are you ready for alleged the Call of Duty of racing?