In Space No One Can Hear You Scream Over These New Dead Space 2 Screens

May 14, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Isaac Clarke’s battle with the Necromorphs in the original Dead Space was one of the most intense and frightening settings in a next-gen title to date. Each and every turn had you slicing off the limbs off the undead, mutated enemies in journey to discover what the hell happened to the U.S.S. Ishimura. With recent news that Dead Space 2 has been ‘delayed’ until early next year, EA and Visceral Games have released a fresh batch of new screenshots to dig your trusty Plasma Cutter into.

E3 takes place in just over a month from now. When we here at PlayStation LifeStyle have a chance to get some hands-on with Dead Space 2, we will be sure to let you know of any improvements or new additions they game has received.

While you wait for the game to hit and to read our hands-on impressions, you could always check out theOfficial Dead Space website for all kinds of Dead Space information.