Treyarch Studio Head Praises Infinity Ward

In what is the latest chapter in the Infinity Ward-Activision debacle that has been plaguing the industry the past few months, rival game developer Treyarch offered their perspective on the situation, and the future of Infinity Ward. Treyarch is best known for ‘sharing’ the Call of Duty IP with Infinity Ward, and is hard at work creating the latest title, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia gave his thoughts on the current state of Infinity Ward and their future. Citing the rival developer is “filled with great talent”, Lamia and his studio are, “looking forward to what they’re going to be making in future.”

“I think the whole situation is very unfortunate. I’ve known some of those guys for a very long time, some fo them since the very beginning of Infinity Ward.

“We did a lot of great work together over the years. Unfortunately, where the situation is, it’s not really appropriate for me to talk about it, but I would like to say that Infinity Ward is still there and they’re filled with great talent, so we’re looking forward to what they’re going to be making in future.”

It is certainly interesting to see a studio head of not just a rival developer, but of the same developer that stripped Infinity Ward of their exclusive rights to the Call of Duty series, actually give praise to the now-diminished developer. With a significant amount of the talent that Infinity Ward once had, now gone, it is interesting to see where they move from here, and what the quality will be of their future games.