Tourne DVR Set to Recieve Update, US Still Left Behind

May 21, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Our friends and their PS3’s currently residing in Japan (we do have friends in Japan, right?) were recently treated to DVR functionality back in March of this year via the Torne add-on. We assume it’s worked out pretty well for them, but just to make sure their getting the most out of their watch-anytime, commercial-dodging device, Sony has stepped up to push out a few additional features scheduled for – you guessed it – next month.

Once installed, the 2.00 update will include MPEG-4 AVC compression, allowing the device to produce a final copy much smaller than the original stream, the ability to play, fast forward, and rewind a recording already in progress, and hey, you’ll also be able to update your PSN status. As for us here in the US, we’ll just sit here quietly twiddling our thumbs while we wait to be blessed with a proper PS3/DVR solution like our other friends across the pond (We’re looking at you, Europe).