Ninja Theory Confirms Enslaved DLC and Demo

May 25, 2010Written by Ray Conley

With E3 gearing up in just a couple of weeks, Ninja Theory’s co-founder Tameem Antoniades revealed in a recent interview that his team have been working on “story-based” downloadable content for their upcoming title Enslave set to be released this fall.

Tameem was able to confirm that the DLC will be limited to single player only as they are “story-based.”

“Namco don’t want to announce that, but we’re working on it now. It’s not going to be anything like multiplayer”

When asked if a demo was on the way, he also confirmed that they were working on that as well.

“That’s on the cards. That’s the plan, yeah”

Unfortunately, there was no confirmation on the release dates of either the DLC or the demo.  Perhaps, the rest of the juicy details will be saved for an official E3 announcement, but that is just an optimistic speculation at this point.

Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation Lifestyle during E3, as we will be there to bring you any further developments.