Celebrate Memorial Weekend with Double MW2 Experience

Even months after Modern Warfare 2’s release, gamers are still furiously playing the game’s often publicized multiplayer mode. Infinity Ward is making sure gamers are attached to the game not only with the first round of DLC, but with sporadic double XP weekends. Posting on his Twitter account, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling has given details on the game’s next double XP weekend.

Beginning Friday, gamers will be able to acquire double experience for the entire Memorial Day weekend. Yup, that means not the typical two-day double XP sprint, but now a full three-day marathon!

As stated by Robert Bowling on Twitter:

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, which means 3-DAY WEEKEND! We’ll be flipping on double XP for Modern Warfare 2 on all platforms!

Oh, and while you are enjoying your abbreviated vacation, try and take some time out of your three day rampage of beer, cheeseburgers and Modern Warfare 2 to remember the men and women who serve in the United States military.