Geoff Keighley Gives Details on Killzone 3 Debut Trailer

The gaming gods have been very good to Spike and GameTrailers this year. Over the course of a year, they have announced development on, or revealed teaser trailers for God of War 3, Arkham Asylum 2, and now, Killzone 3. Yup, that’s correct, Killzone 3. That is according to GameTrailers lead man, Geoff Keighley.

Coming straight off of a tweet from Keighley himself, he proclaims that GameTrailers will have the official, debut trailer for Sony’s sure-to-be AAA blockbuster, Killzone 3. It will air on GTTV’s Special “Pre E3” episode, on Friday, June 11th, at 11pm EST. Aside from that, no other details were given.

The only place to see the world gameplay premiere of KILLZONE 3 is on Spike’s Pre-E3 Special, Friday June 11th at 11.

This certainly gets us all excited, here at PlayStation LifeStyle. We are already feverishly freeing up our Friday night’s, because one thing is for certain: this will be epic. So, will you watch the trailer live? Or will you hide your inner-nerd, and wait for it to appear on the internet, the next day? Post your responses in the comments section below. You can be sure that PSLS will have the video up as soon as we get it.