PlayStation Move Reacts Within the Blink of an Eye

While motion controls have been noted as gimmicks by many gamers, Sony and Microsoft have quickly entered the market after the substantial success of Nintendo’s Wii console. It is a known fact that both the Move and Natal motion controllers will be competing head-to-head in the coming months, and while both are motion controllers by design, both are very different in execution. However, that won’t keep gamers from comparing them side-by-side, so details such as reaction time will become a huge part of both the experience and the battle between the 2.

During a community interview featuring Mark Green from SCEA, Mark unveiled the official latency time for the upcoming PlayStation Move controller. During the long interview, Mark said the following:

“So I can tell you that it is accurate to the nearest millimetre, precise in motion tracking and likewise in seeing where the controllers are in 3D space. Its reaction time, from movement to delivering to the screen, is just 22 milliseconds and on screen it is pixel precise”.

Compared to both the Wii controller and the Natal prototype 22 milliseconds is a colossal feat. Many have been calling the Move controller a Wii knock-off, but its uncanny precision, comfort and the PlayStation Eye’s ability to read depth should make the upcoming controller a formidable opponent. With hardcore games such as SOCOM 4 and platformers such as LittleBigPlanet 2, this incredibly low update rate should provide a smooth experience that doesn’t threaten the difficulty of games.