The Newest Contra Sequel is “Hard Corps”

Spiritual successor to Genesis version of the franchise, Hard Corps: Uprising has been built from the ground up to be just as hard as ever.

IGN reports “It’s not in the title, but trust us — this is Contra.” In an Anime-inspired take on the tried-and-true series, developer Arc System Works (of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear fame) is putting their own unique touch on the game. Players take control of Colonel Bahamut, who was, interestingly enough, the villain of the last game. Gameplay is as classic as ever: run-and-gun through alien-filled stages, awesome power-ups, and an enormous bosses. Difficulty is often a big hurdle to conquer in a Contra game and Arc System Works has just the cure for gamers that don’t quite have the skill, or patience, to get through such an unforgiving game. Along with the standard Arcade Mode giving players just one hit before losing a life, Rising Mode is introduced giving three hits before death. Hard Corps: Rising is currently set for a Winter 2010 release.