Dead Space 2 Players or More

EA’s CEO has snuck in a little confirmation for their recent horror masterpiece. In an interview with IndustryGamers John Riccitiello has let it be known how excited he is for Dead Space 2. Well, not just excited, but ecstatic.

…Dead Space 2 is more than a worthy sequel; it’s going to be a monster. So I’m really, really pleased with that. It’s got some really innovative online gameplay and… frankly, what made our lead character so interesting to begin with… it seems like everyone’s been Duke Nukem since the beginning of time, you know? Give me a bigger gun and I’ll march my way through. …What Dead Space does is it’s a thinking man’s game in addition to being a great action adventure title.

So that confirms that it will be online…somehow. Whether that means it’ll be cooperative or competitive mode, we don’t know yet. For a co-op mode, I hope it doesn’t take away from the isolated feeling in the first game. But if you want to find out, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle during E3!