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Hideo Kojima Infiltrates Peace Walker

Gamers who hold a desire to make Hideo Kojima your team mate are in luck, because the Metal Gear creator can be recruited to your Mother Base staff in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Kojima is your ideal S-rank healer and information gatherer. By placing him into any of the two teams – medical and intel – his stats will be maximized. A healer or a master of obtaining information – it’s your choice.

In order to unlock Kojima and place him into your team, follow these steps (via JPS):

1. Complete mission; Infiltrate the Crater Base, in the Main Ops section.

2. Once you reach the cutscene where the Big Boss have to find the Nukes from the following trucks, find the following license plate number and search for him; “63824”

3. the Big Boss will say, “Mr. Kojima?”. He will be transported into the Mother Base after unlocking this scene.

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