Update 1.02 Now Available for Red Dead Redemption

If you are like the rest of the current gaming world, you’ve probably been doing nothing but playing Red Ded Redemption since it was released.  In that time, you may have noticed a few glitches and problems.  Today, Rockstar Games has released the newest update for their mega popular sand box Western in hopes of fixing a few nagging issues.

Update 1.02 is available now when you log onto PSN and fixes the following issues.

  • Resolved various NAT incompatibility issues
  • Improved connectivity to multiplayer for users with slower connections
  • Improved reporting for Shootout and Gang Shootout games
  • Fixed instance where Mo Van Barr would not appear as a bounty
  • Fixed multiplayer titles not appearing for some users in the outfitter
  • Fixed instance where lawmen stopped responding even though the player was wanted
  • Fixed Issue with hogtied victims disappearing when ragdolled
  • Fixed crash in Free Mode when cooking dynamite and going into the water
  • Fixed audible glitch at the end of some cutscenes
  • Fixed Solomon’s Folly Action Area not ending after posse leader teleports in late
  • Corrected Social Club 100% Tracker so stats update properly
  • Various multiplayer issues addressed including load screen hang-ups and UI glitches
  • Eliminated miscellaneous game crashes

Also, the update includes support for new playlist that many have been asking for, Hardcore Free Roam with only expert aiming.  The playlist will be released once this title update has time to propagate on both consoles.  Look for it to be fuctional soon!

Rockstar appears to be aiming for the best possible experience while playing their game.  They ask that if you experience any other problems, visit their Support Page and let them know.

It’s good to know that Rockstar cares.  If you are still one of the very few who haven’t picked up this amazing game, maybe our Playstation Lifestyle Review can convince you.  Single player, Mulitplayer, it doesn’t matter.  This game is great!  Join the rest of the gaming world in an old western lifestyle now!