PSN Exclusive Dead Nation Has The Most Zombies In History

Announced back at GamesCom 2009, Dead Nation is a downloadable title exclusively on the PlayStation 3. The game is a zombie-oriented title, so as one could imagine, it would be filled with zombies. In fact, there’s so many on screen zombies in this game, that no other zombie title in existence has the amount which Dead Nation has.

While PlayStation LifeStyle were enjoying the Sony E3 booth tour, it was confirmed to us that Dead Nation would feature more zombies on screen than any other zombie game in existence.

The original Dead Rising is, of course, known for its countless zombies all appearing on the screen at the same time–500 infected humans to be exact. The second installment in the gory-filled series will further increase the number of zombies appearing all at once on the screen, and Capcom revealed that literally thousands of zombies will appear on-screen at the same time. Thousands? Just wait till you play Dead Nation, then!

For more on the game which is being developed by Super StarDust developers, Housemarque, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s E3 impressions which gives an insight on how mad this zombie infested title is.

Dead Nation, which features a top down approach to zombie killing a la Zombie Apocalypse, is currently scheduled for a December, 2010 release.