Dead Rising 2 Will Feature Thousands of Zombies

April 1, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The original Dead Rising is, of course, known for its countless zombies all appearing on the screen at the same time–500 infected humans to be exact. The second installment in the gory-filled series will further increase the number of zombies appearing all at once on the screen, and Capcom has revealed exactly how many flesh-eaters we can expect to see at once.

Capcom’s dev boss Keiji Inafune has revealed that the number of zombies in Dead Rising 2 which can appear on the screen can rise up to staggering amounts: thousands. During an official interview, he mentioned the number of zombies which can appear throughout your time in the gambling haven of Fortune City:

In Dead Rising 2, literally thousands of zombies will appear on-screen at the same time. In the previous version, 500 zombies would appear on-screen at the same time. That’s an insane number, considering that only about 20 appeared on screen at any given time in Resident Evil.

Dead Rising 2 is set to have gamers tear through zombie flesh after this summer, as the zombie thriller will be released in North America on August 31st, Japan on September 2nd, and Europe on September 3rd, 2010.